David Murr


I’ve been experimenting with making Montréal-style bagels. 👀

Craving a return to Toronto. It’s been 15 years since I last spent any time in the city. My motivation is partly nostalgia and partly a desire to see the city and all its changes anew, with fresh eyes.

Every time I start toying with the idea of replacing my aging car, I decide I’d rather buy an airplane instead.

L’année 2019: sera-t-elle l’année du profond changement?

Things I want to do this year: read more (on it!), get back on the running horse and participate in the Pancake 5K this autumn, and look into paramotor lessons.

Talking about clouds with my 9 year-old, he pauses thoughtfully and declares his favorite to be “apple pie clouds”—criss-crossing contrails that hang around when conditions are right. So named (by him) because they can look like the lattice crust of an apple pie.

I had originally planned to travel to Dayton, Tennessee, to view the eclipse from within the path of totality, but plans fell through, so I ended up watching the event from home near Charlottesville, VA. Although it was only an 85%-obscured partial eclipse, it was still a pretty magnificent event to see. (read more)

Sunset after the storms.

A full “Strawberry” Moon rising over the treetops.

It’s the time of the year when fireflies are flashing and dancing about in the humid evening air. Accordingly, the Washington Post ran an article about fireflies in the Great Smoky Mountains in Tennessee—a special kind that flashes synchronously, putting on a breathtaking display for a short time each year. (read more)

The feeling of cool, pre-dawn mornings is, for me, inextricably linked to the smell of diesel exhaust, disinfectant, and burnt coffee at the rescue squad station.

Just stumbled across a paramotor instructor in (relatively) nearby Warrenton, VA. ?

Really digging this print of a map of Toronto. It might need to find its way onto my office wall.

Me, before every run: “Ugh. I’m tired. My shoes are so far away. Maybe I should just run tomorrow instead.”

Me, after every run: “Holy shit! I feel great! I can’t wait to run again!”

Just registered for An Event Apart DC 2017! There’s a nice mix of new-to-me speakers this year that I’m really looking forward to hearing from.

All day, the far-off evening hours seem like a great time to be productive—to get a jump start on all the things I need to do that aren’t work-related.

When night finally comes, I’m way too tired to get anything done.